Ten plus one good reasons to get married at Panorama and Oceania Villa venues

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Wedding reception in panorama villa near the pool

There are many reasons for getting married in the island of love Cyprus particularly celebrating your wedding in these two stunning villas which are located in Paphos, Cyprus. Destination weddings are so common nowadays and Paphos is one of the most popular cities that couples say I DO and capture unforgettable memories. Well known as a wedding location, Paphos is also known of its history, art, trees and beaches and hides a group of activities and treasures.

Panorama and Oceania Villas at Peyia Hills have been chosen as wedding venues for many couples throughout the years and considered to be a perfect place to transform your wedding dream into a beautiful real wedding experience.
Destination weddings usually have the closest friends and family and greater effort is given for the entertainment and organization of the wedding party in order to create a memorable and highly personal event.
Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas has gathered a couple of reasons why your dream wedding should take place at Panorama and Oceania Villas, two astonishing wedding villa venues, where stunning sceneries create the perfect setting.

1) Keep it private
Choose the wonderful city of Paphos for your wedding, then relish your stay at the Panorama & Oceania sublime villas and live the utter privacy and relaxation with your beloved ones. These two luxury wedding villas are located in a rural and private area at Peyia Hills; the right choice for those who wish to avoid the crowd and get away from the bustling crowd of the city. What better than to celebrate your start as a married couple at these private luxury villas and host your ceremony at their large private gardens with the reception held at their exquisite private pools?
The privacy at our wedding venues, allows you 100% freedom to plan your entire party as you dreamed of. Private and exclusive is the key to this memorable experience.

2) Bonding Time for family and friends
Welcome your joint venture and the beauties of Paphos with friends and family at Panorama & Oceania Villas. The stunning villas at Peyia Hills with their unique location and connection with one another, they enclose the unique ability of bringing the family of the wedding couple and all their friends together, under a majestic and romantic scenery.

3) Two in one
Spend the time with the people you love by extending your stay before or after your wedding. Panorama & Oceania luxury villas are the perfect getaway for a family or a large group of friends. Make it a special and unforgivable experience for you and your loved ones, by combining the celebration of your wedding with a romantic honeymoon in one destination; the city of Paphos.

4) Stunning views / Ultimate romance
Experience the ultimate romance over a breathtaking landscape. Right at the edge of Peyia Hills, these two beautiful villas have amazing, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, from the living rooms and bedrooms. Panorama and Oceania villas, offer two large mosaic swimming pools that increase the privacy under a luxurious atmosphere and amazing scenery. Both swimming pools at these private gardens of Panorama and Oceania Villas are as special and romantic as they get. You and your entire wedding family and friends will think you’ve moved to paradise!

5) Gardens
Experience the cozy atmosphere within the large garden areas of Panorama & Oceania Villas building up a suitable and pleasant environment for the family and friends; the ideal place to experience a quietly romantic ceremony.

6) Accommodation at Panorama & Oceania Villas
Panorama & Oceania villas are the best choice for accommodating your family and friends as both combined together can accommodate up to 31 persons. The villas have full equipped kitchens, kitchens’ utilities room and large BBQ areas that bring allows our catering team to plan and organise your wedding catering.

7) Weather
Even though Cyprus is known for its warm summer and high temperature, Panorama & Oceania Villas are located at Peyia hills where the weather is pleasant and not hot IN THE summer. In a way it’s a bonus not being as hot as summer. In fact, during night time you won’t be as desperate for air-conditioner as the summer air is soft and breeze cross your open windows. Go figure…

8) Live the extreme
Combine your special wedding day at Panorama & Oceania Villas with your need to live and experience the extreme by discovering Paphos treasures. Plan your holiday wedding around your favorite activity whether it will be hiking at Akamas mountain or exploring the blue waters of blue lagoon Mediterranean sea, and live a once in a life time experience as a couple.
In today’s hectic and chaotic lifestyle, you don’t get much chance to spend much quality time with your loved ones. Consequently take this opportunity and enjoy a week of vacation with your friends and family, arranging at the same time multiple activities from golfing to fishing, cycling to safari at Akamas, diving to wind surfing and many more. Panorama & Oceania Villas is the perfect resort for the before and after wedding cure.

9) Leave the worrying for the arrangement of your wedding to someone else
These two magnificent, self-catering villas will make your wedding reception as memorable as possible. Discover Paphos magnificent treasures and its romantic setting without worrying too much about the preparation of the big day. According to your requests and under your preferences your special day will be wholly undertaken by our exclusive wedding Services. So don’t worry, relax and let loose!

10) Dance the night way under the stars
Experience the ultimate night party as a married couple under the stars. With the stunning view towards the Mediterranean Sea and the lighted city of Paphos enjoy a romantic dance with your loved one. What’s better than the full moon and millions of stars for spotlights?

11) Large exterior areas for wedding reception and ceremony
Create a truly unique experience and have your perfect wedding with savory foods, plenty of wine, singing and dancing with your loved ones at Panorama and Oceania Villa resorts. The villas with their large exterior areas can host up to 90 persons for your wedding reception and ceremony; the perfect resort for your wedding arrangements.

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