Celebrate Christmas Like Never Before in Cyprus!

Posted on 30 December, 2017 by

Panorama Villa Christmas Decoration

The long awaited and magical holidays are here to rejoice you all. With Christmas prayers, we wish all the cherished dreams come true. And now that it’s time to bid adieu to the outgoing year and look optimistically into the future, why not spend this special time of the year in complete luxury and close to nature. Spend your holidays right in the middle of the beautiful and romantic Cyprus!

Why Cyprus?

This country is a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary. The rich traditional customs to modern addition, you can enjoy a plethora of choices in this island country. The locals use Poinsettia, a kind of flower also known as ‘Bethlehem’ or the ‘Christmas Star’ that blooms on Christmas Eve to decorate their homes. And all the Christmas concerts, parties, fairs and festivals create a lovely holiday atmosphere.

As the celebration is incomplete without special feast so we have a table full of mouthwatering delicacies that include the 12 mandatory Christmas dishes.

While the above reasons are just the tip of an iceberg, Cyprus offers a lot more to enjoy your holidays. Amid chilling winters, this Mediterranean island with moderate climate is one of the best family holiday destinations as it has magnificent holiday villas and sun-kissed luxurious accommodations. If you are planning to have close-knit family vacations abroad, Cyprus is the best location you can ever visit.

Traditional Christmas Sweets at Panroama Traditional Christmas Sweets at Panorama Villa this is welcome package

Plan Your Christmas Celebrations in Peyia, Cyprus

Still searching for a perfect destination for welcoming the New Year and celebrating Christmas in style? What can be a better place than picturesque Peyia Hills in the island country of Cyprus? Decked up just above the Peyia village, Peyia hills present a magnificent view of the countryside and lofty mountains. With rich flora and fauna, this perfect mixture of modernity with calmness is certain to spice up your vacations in Cyprus.

Villa Panorama and Oceania

To enjoy this New Years Eve to the fullest, Villa Panorama and Oceania situated in Paphos, Cyprus can be a perfect destination to celebrate the festivities. Paphos situated in northwest Cyprus is a town with medieval fort and countryside sojourns. What adds to its charm are twin villas of Villa Oceania and Villa Panorama.

Perfect for family gatherings and elegant parties, these villas boast of all modern amenities for your comfortable stay. With almost 360 days of clear sky, enjoy a break from the chilly winters amid the calm breeze from the Mediterranean.

Bride preparation dress
The bride at the villa Oceania -Alexia Pegasious

Celebrations at Their Best

With hospitality at its best, Villa Panorama and Oceania will perfectly host your upcoming parties. Ideal for Christmas celebrations, we are ready with Christmas tree and Christmas cake with Santa Clause especially for you.

We invite you all for a perfect family holiday at Villa Panorama and Oceania so that you can enter into the New Year with all warmness and enthusiasm.

Happy New Year Everyone!