Destination Wedding Invitation Tips

Posted on 31 August, 2019 by

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You finally decided to have a destination wedding. That’s amazing! Panorama Weddings would love to be your host. A celebration in a new land will be more like a group holiday to enjoy life’s new beginning with your loved ones. However, in this post, we are talking about another very crucial part of your wedding – the Invitation Card.

From putting the right address to the route and exact time, there are a few special things that a destination wedding invitation card should have on it. Let’s find out.

Get Inspired

That is for all invitations. Google them or if you have saved a few, see what others did with their invitation cards.

Decide a Budget

Before you go for a design, decide a budget for your wedding stationery. This will save you from spending unnecessarily. Since your’s is a destination wedding, you have to think of many things such as stay, venue and travel expenses. So stick to it where you can.
Include Destination

Since it’s a destination wedding, it is good to spill some beans for your guests to be curious and excited. Don’t exaggerate. Few words will do the job. For example, when you choose Cyprus, a few of the natural photos and the name in bold will help.
Venue and Location

For the venue, just be clear and detailed. Give the exact address along with milestone so the guests can locate the venue easily. You may add the photos.

As wedding websites are in trend these days, you may give the link to your wedding website on the invitation while putting more info online.

Accommodation specifications

Since it’s a destination wedding, you need to make the reservations for all the guests. Make sure you put the booking details clearly on the card. If it doesn’t fit on your main card, you may insert a separate one with specified information. The idea is to keep everything sorted so you can enjoy the event instead of focusing on arrangments and attending call asking for logging details.

Real RSVP Deadlines

You have to keep a realistic RSVP deadline because you are planning an event out of your town. Keep it at least 12 weeks before the date for seamless management.

Know the Terminology

Before you start looking at the cards, know the basics. It will better help you explain your idea to the printer and get the best thing possible in the least time.

Style Selection

That’s something too personal to even suggest. However, we advise to pen-down your dream card. Focus on even the smallest of the details like the stamp ad the font.


That’s very important. Make sure you carefully proofread especially the address and spellings. Different countries have a different style of writing.


You are the writer of your life’s new chapter. And your invitation card is the cover-letter. Make it classy enough for others to remember the stationery just as they remember the wedding.