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Wedding Garter

Are you thinking about a wedding garter to love from your wedding? Are you wondering about an heirloom that will be meaningful and that you can pass down to your daughter? Or is it that you are considering performing a wedding garter toss but still not sure what exactly it’s all about? If you are confused about this one of the oldest traditions and don’t know how to do it in your signature style, then rest assured. We have tried covering everything you need to know about wedding garter tradition and all your curious questions.

The History

Many moons ago, a lot of beliefs and superstitions surrounded the wedding day. One of them was to own a piece of the bride’s wedding dress. The piece was said to bring good luck. As this ritual leads the guests almost attacking the bride to ripping and ruining her gown, the brides instead started wearing a specific article of clothing underneath the gown that can be tossed over by the groom as a sign of good luck.

According to another belief, it was a tradition to follow the newlyweds when they rushed away to consummate their marriage to ensure they sealed the deal. And the spectators grab at the bride’s gown to tore of a piece for good luck. This was certainly embarrassing, and therefore in later times, the grater was considered a symbol of the newlyweds consummating their marriage.

Today, the removal of garter is reserved for the groom, who at a particular time after exchanging the vows rip off the garter from the bride’s thigh and toss it to the bachelors.

The Placement

You can place the garter on any leg and the placement has nothing to do with the good luck. Usually, brides wear it just above the knee. As it’s the narrowest part of your leg, it won’t rub off while you walk or dance. Moreover, wearing it on your knee would also make it easy to rip off even if you choose to wear a mermaid dress or a tight fighting gown. However, you can choose to wear it up or down depending on your comfort.

Wedding Garter Placement

The Bridal Appeal

It is one special accessory that only the bride will wear and that too for only once! Just like the dress and the veil, a garter gives the feeling of being a ‘bride’. Many brides choose stylish garters to match their dress while a lot of others want to add a bit of surprise to the look for the groom. You can pick a garter design and color that is special and meaningful.

Choosing a blue garter is definitely a thoughtful way to work out two different traditions – tossing the garter and wearing something blue.

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These days, many brides even customize their garter with names, symbols and other ways significant to the couple.

An Heirloom

Many brides wear a garter for sentimental reasons. If you have an heirloom garter that has been passed down through generations, it is nice to wear something old and meaningful. You can also choose to get your garter made of a fabric like a lace or a tulle that was special to you. It is the simplest way to infuse a meaningful and personal piece of love from your mother or grandmother’s closet.

A Keepsake

A garter as a keepsake is a great idea. It is a lovely way to create your own memories surrounding your wedding. Moreover, it is simple to save and pass on to your future generations.

Garter Styles

It can be anything from simple white lace garter to colored ones with funky patterns and frills, delicate bows, beading, rhinestones, appliques and/or crystals. these days, even garter sets are also available.

Tossing It or Not

It is entirely your decision to toss it or not. If you are not comfortable because it’s an heirloom passed down to you from your mother or is a special keepsake, you can enjoy wearing it. However, if you don’t want to miss the fun part of the tradition, wearing two garters is a good idea. A lot of brides do so. They use a wearing garter and a tossing garter. For the ceremony, the groom pulls off the tossing garter and you still have the real one with you.

Now that you know everything about wedding garters, decide whether you want to follow the tradition or give your own twist to the ritual. If you need some inspiration, then these brides with their wedding garters at Villa Panorama and Oceania will surely clear your garter blues.

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