Fairytale Wedding of Graham and Stacey

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Oceania Wedding Villa 2019

You don’t marry someone you can live with; you marry the person you cannot live without. And this adage was personified by the palpable chemistry of Stacey and Graham who went down the aisle at the magnificent Panorama Villa. Set in an ambiance filled with natural beauty atop the hill, both villas Panorama and Oceania serve as a picture-perfect destination for solemnising the bond Graham shares with Stacey.

Fresh Mediterranean breeze appears to be romancing with the surroundings of villas, creating a heavenly setting that was as mesmerizing as the imagination of Stacey who herself planned the entire wedding in collaboration with Cyprus Dream Wedding team.

Romantic Wedding at a Fabulous Abode
Cyprus Villas 2019 Oceania in Paphos

As September witnessed the warmth and love the friends and relatives of Graham and Stacey brought with them to witness the moment they said ‘I Do’ to each other, what can be a better wedding destination than the sun-soaked sister villas of Panorama and Oceania.

From over hundred guests gracing the occasion to the special vintage inspired lamps, an eye-catching white ‘Traditional Ice-cream’ cart with ‘Love Me Do’ aptly written over it echoing the sentiments and the classy white theme with lots of curtains and frills, this ‘Wow’ wedding had everything special and huge. The life-sized pieces of ‘MR and MRS’ decorated with many light heads, were also welcoming the couple on a journey of a lifetime.

Stacey’s imagination had definitely turned the ultra-modern villas into a dreamy castle eager to welcome the new couple. She left no corner untouched and decided to start the new journey of life from the honeymoon suite of Oceania.

There were lamps of various shapes hanging or placed on the pathways with lots of LED lights complementing the white backdrop in the most radiant manner. And we can’t miss on the wooden deck with hut stock umbrellas that not only hosted the esteemed guest with lip-smacking delicacies but also doubled up as a perfect platform to savour the magnificent view of the town. All this gave the feel of a noble wedding from the bygone era.

Wedding Reception at Panorama Villa 2019
Wedding Reception at Panorama Villa 2019

The bride holding fresh white flower bouquet looked beautiful in her vintage-inspired white lace wedding gown with extra long veil and Graham on her side. The groom looked dapper in his pale sky blue three-piece suit best complementing the bride.

Came dusky evening, the decorated bridge turned into a pedestal to witness the ceremonies and capturing those precious moments. The high toast by the dear ones hailed the perfect wedding and showered the couple with endless blessings.

The stunningly beautiful view from the hills was enough to set in motion the feelings of love as if the romance was in the air. We wonder, can there be any better destination for a heavenly country wedding and starting a new journey of your life than Oceania and Panorama Villas?

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