The Biggest and the Brightest Summer Wedding at Villa Panorama and Oceania

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Wedding Venue - Panorama Villa 2020

With a lavish wedding setup, luxurious wedding detailing and a huge guest list, the wedding of Alexandra and Zeyn was the biggest and the brightest summer wedding of the year 2018. As the couple exactly knew they wanted a grand wedding celebration, they left no stone unturned to make it a reality. And with the hands-on experience of our wedding planning team, Villa Panorama and Oceania hosted the finest and the most splendid weddings of the season.

The gorgeous lovebirds of today’s wedding decided to seal their love in the beautiful island city of Paphos. As Alexandra and Zeyn dreamed of a beautiful and harmonious wedding, they chose for a white theme wedding with shades of blue and green for the perfect summery effect. This grand wedding was attended by over 90 guests, who enjoyed every moment of the celebration as well as admired the natural landscape of the Coral Bay Mediterranean.

Bride and groom on the bridge of Panorama - Alexia Pegasiou Photos

The Beginning

Alexandra wanted the best wedding venue in Paphos for her and her loved ones, so she asked her mother who lives in Cyprus to visit the Panorama & Oceania villas. The enthusiasm and excitement of her mother after viewing the villas made the bride-to-be much clear about having her luxury wedding at the holiday villas in Paphos. And when she first visited the villas, her excitement was over the moon. It was clear from her bright eyes that Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas is what she wanted.

Though every time is perfect to get married, for a classy grand wedding like that of Alexandra and Zeyn, summer in Cyprus made the entire event an incredibly classy affair. The favourable clear, sunny sky with a calm breeze ensured that everyone can enjoy the ceremony with ease.

Bride preparation dress
The bride at the villa Oceania -Alexia Pegasious

The Venue

Located in the lush green Peyia hills, Villa Panorama with its medieval European architecture and large outdoor space offers ample space and decor options. The wooden deck has a sitting space for approx 60 guests. However, Alexandra and Zeyn’s guest list was a little long. So the couple decided to combine villa Panorama and Oceania. And the result was a splendid white themed summer wedding witnessed by nearly 90 guests who celebrated and cherished every moment of the event with ease.

Wedding Reception Dinner at the villa Panorama

The Planning

The wedding couple wanted to create a subtle ambiance that should mingle well with the natural background. While a lot of sources were taken in consideration, the most fruitful ideas came from the frappe-fuelled sessions with our talented wedding planner Cyprus Dream Weddings who ensured that the wedding will be a relaxed and memorable event for the couple.

The Decor

The wooden deck near the infinity pool at Villa Panorama was chosen for the wedding ceremony, which was followed by a classy dinner and dance party. The venue was adorned with large and small round tables and ghost chairs all covered in crisp white linen with tinted blue tableware. The greenery around the villa made the decoration a little easier so the use of white flowers was flamboyant and harmonious.

The goal was to create an ambiance that is less formal and allows the guests to mingle, move around freely and have easy access to both the dance floor and the serving areas. We can’t forget to mention those cute hearts hanging on the bridge adding more love to the theme. Another mesmerizing part of this fairytale wedding was the magnificent arrangement of lights and lamps. The amazing light arrangement not just glorified the villas but also added a distinct luxury touch to the event.

The afterparty had shimmering colorful lights with the couple’s favorite music to make the moments warm and cherishing.

For the soothing, nostalgic theme, everything from the pearly-white cake to white table linen, baroque centerpiece, the firecrackers near the dance floor and a lot of bright light were there for the desired effect.

Wedding Planners in Cyprus 2020 for Panorama Villa
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Final Note

Alexandra and Zeyn wanted their wedding ceremony in Cyprus to move their guests with its beauty, and their trendy yet timeless outdoor wedding was just that. They knew from the beginning that villa Panorama and Oceania make the wedding venue they wanted to have a big destination wedding. The breathtaking ambiance with classy architecture and remarkable interior offered the perfect setting for their tender love-soaked ceremony meant to signify their vows to serve each other for life.

Wedding Dance at Oceania Rood garden