Tips to consider when organising the drink reception at your private villa

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All great wedding parties have four things in common: a great wedding venue, great people, great food and an excellent flow of drinks. And as party experts say, getting a little bit of tipsy, will add the extra-spicy and fun factor to the wedding day.

However, from picking the drinks carefully, through the entire planning of the drink’s party there is a lot to think about. It is important not to underestimate the part of organising the drinks for your wedding day, in order to avoid confusion, troubles and guest’s dissatisfaction who, don’t forget, they are there to celebrate your special event.

Therefore, don’t leave this task to the last minute but plan everything carefully in advance. Here are some tips that will help you to organize the ultimate drinks reception at your wedding villas with less stress and no mistakes.

Tip No#1 – The Drink Suppliers

At Panorama & Oceania wedding venues you have the freedom to, either purchase drinks directly through a caterer with a price per head, or buy your own booze to keep costs down by hand-selecting your favourite brands. It is important though, to choose a good local supplier in Paphos, either this is a local supermarket or a local cava shop, who will offer a free delivery service to the villas and also to accept returns of the unopened bottles of drinks with a refund.

It is not suggested to order drinks from many different suppliers as that will create confusion among the suppliers and a mix up with drinks making it difficult to return them back.

Deciding to forgo hiring an alcohol vendor at your wedding and buying your own booze for the day, sounds ideal, however, you should plan it properly. The next important step is to calculate and find out how much alcohol you need to buy for your celebration day at your wedding villa.

Tip No#2 – Selection and quantity of drinks

The advantage of hiring private villas is that you already have a specific number of guests coming at your event, thus you know exactly the demographic of the guests that you are accommodating. The majority of drink receptions organised at Panorama & Oceania wedding villas, serve 50% beer, 30% wine, champagne or cocktail mixers and 20% soft drinks for non-drinkers.

Even though there are no set rules on when your wedding reception should start, you will need to consider the time of day you will be holding your event, as this will have an impact on how much alcohol you will need.

Start with making a plan with a check-list of drinks and the quantity you need. The following will help you get organised:

  • Wedding receptions at the villas start at 15:00, therefore you’ll need less alcohol between those hours and more refreshments, especially during a hot day. Set up a table and put up a drink dispenser or just provide some bottled water.
  • Generally, for 2-hour time frame, consider 2-3 drinks per person and then 1 drink each additional hour.
  • Break down your guest list by age and gender. If the group has lot of young men up the beer supply and for young women up the champagne and white wine.
  • Don’t forget the children or the group of elderly people. Provide some soft drinks for children with some amazingly sophisticated non-alcoholic options or add the option of a cup of tea or coffee instead, in particular grandparents or older relatives.

You know your guests best, so calculate the number of drinks you need and get a quantity close enough estimate.

Wedding Bucket List -drink receptions

Tip No#3 – Keep your drinks “safe” during your accommodation at the villas

You have arrived at your beautiful villa and you are ready to make your shopping for the week including drinks and refreshments. If you are planning to buy your own drinks for the big event and bring them on site prior your wedding day, then make sure to keep them safe and away from the guests who will be staying at the villas, especially from the party drinkers of the group.

Give the responsibility to a trustworthy person to store the wedding drinks in a safe and cool place inside the villa and protected from the high temperatures. Trust him/her to keep a beverage quantity checklist and of course keep them away from the crowds before the wedding day.

Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to let a member of your group, who is reliable and talented on organising things, to take responsibilities and involve in this part of your big day. Give them guidelines on what you like, along with your requirements, and go off without a hitch.

Tip No#4 – Don’t let them get drunk early

Who wants drunken guests before even the party starts? Consider the fact that your guests will start visiting your wedding villa from early hours, as that, make sure to offer as a welcome drink some low alcohol options such as prosecco, sparkle wine or signature cocktails with less alcohol. Following this approach, you will avoid guests getting intoxicated and feel drunk before the main event. You don’t want them drunk before they have had a chance to enjoy the reception that you have spent so long planning.

In addition, have always in mind that in any environment of drinking, it is always a good idea to serve snacks and a mini selection of finger food or a barrier of fruits and nuts. And don’t forget to keep your group dehydrated the whole time, set up a table to put up a drink dispenser with fresh lemonade or just provide bottled water.

Wedding Drinks and wedding toasting

Tip No#5 – Consider draft beer for the beer lovers

If you and your guests are beer geeks, then having your very own draft system in the comfort of your own villa is a “dream come true”. There is nothing quite like enjoying a cold, draft beer, not only during the wedding day, but also during the whole week of your stay. Drinking beer from a tap engages the senses and offers a fresh taste with richer flavour than from a can and a visual appeal that completes the experience.

And don’t forget that with draft beer you save money and reduce waste, and less waste means, less cartons of bottles, and more storage space.

The best part is that your wedding villas, Panorama and Oceania, offer you this experience by providing draft beer dispensers with two faucets and CO2, that hold barrels of KEO beer, which is the traditional beer of Cyprus and Kopparberg Ciders (Strawberry &Lime). Each KEO Beer barrel is 25L of beer, which is approx. 50 cold beer pints, and the Cider barrel is 30 L, which is approximately 60 cold beer pints.

Order your golden beer or tasteful Cider prior your arrival and your beer will be ready to be poured once you step at your villa.

Draught Beer at the Villas

Tip No#6 – Variety of Drinks

Be creative! Combine the style of your wedding with your drink reception theme. For example, for your wedding reception place opened wine bottles on the tables so guests can help themselves and attach a sweet note for each of them. If you want something fun, creative but inexpensive, set up a champagne table with a variety of bubbles, juices, fresh lemonade and liqueurs. It matches to any wedding style and guests can help themselves any time.

Serving Drinks at wedding

Tip No#7 – Drinking in plastic or glass?

The need for plastic glassware for weddings at Panorama and Oceania Villas, is not at the same level as a large-scale wedding in a hotel. With a maximum capacity of 60 guests, using proper glassware for your wedding day is not an issue.

However, there is a difference between choosing glassware or plastic glasses. Glassware will be provided, as part of your wedding package, from your wedding rental supplier, whereas with plastic party cups you can buy your own from the nearest supermarket. Plastic glasses nowadays are available in today’s market with a variety of options such as beer pints, champagne flute, even cocktail glasses.

After the party finishes, glassware, as well as all reception’s equipment will be the wedding coordinators’ responsibility, whereas you will be responsible to collect all plastic and dispose it. Quite frustrating isn’t it?

On the other hand, if you are choosing glassware, consider the wild drinking animals of the party so you will not avoid any last minute surprises with extra charges due to breakages or damages. Furthermore, with plastic glass it will be easier for you to collect and dispose plastic and recycle them.

Wedding Glassware

Tip No#8 – Corkage with service fee or self-service?

Hiring stuff to serve your drinks during the day will make your day hassle free and stress free as waiters will be responsible to remove corkage from wine bottles, refill your guest’s glasses, unstock your drinks and keep your drink reception in order.

If you have a medium size wedding at the villas, with up to 60 guests, then it is suggested to hire 1 or 2 bartenders/waitresses to stock the bar and keep refilling glasses. Avoid to keep your guests waiting in line as this will cause the party to fall flat pretty quickly.

For your medium size wedding you may find it more convenience to use an open bar option from a vendor, and even though it might be costly, it will lay you back and keep you out of worry regarding stock of drinks and limitation.

If you are planning an intimate wedding with up to 20 guests, using the self-serving method is an ideal idea in private villas such as Panorama and Oceania. Be creative and organise a self-service bar to let your guests help themselves and pour their own drinks.

With the open bar and bartender option you may spice up the atmosphere by serving two signature cocktails of your choice. Come up with creative names for your cocktails and colour coordinate them to match the colour theme of your wedding.

Self service for drinks at wedding

Tip No#10 No Drink and Drive

If family and friends are visiting your wedding venue for the big day without staying at any of the villas, then don’t forget their journey back to their accommodation. Ensure that a minivan or a taxi will be arranged in advance, at a specific time in order to collect guests who are not in the position to drive.

Not only to guarantee their safe trip back but because in the unfortunate case of an accident if the driver is found with excess amount of alcohol in their blood, he will be charged with charges and penalties. Driving under the influence can be dangerous to themselves and others.

Therefore, think about the transport options available and suggest them to your guests. Furthermore, consider asking recommendations from villa owners to additional accommodation near the villas.


Your guests will appreciate and remember an organized drink reception, so make it a part of the experience of your wedding day which is still about you and your partner. Don’t worry too much, don’t spend a fortune and enjoy every moment of it.

Mini tips:

  • Make your own custom map of where you want things to go at your wedding villa, including entrance point, access to water and refreshments, guidance to tables and guest toilets
  • Have your checklist ready even if the catering team is responsible for your drinks.
  • Recommended drinks: One selection of white, one selection of red wine and one sparkling wine or champagne. One heavy beer and one choice of cider beer, soft drinks, mineral water and orange juice.
  • Ice is essential as this is how your drinks will be chilled. The villas provide decent freezers for your ice.
  • Don’t forget bottle openers and bin bags for the disposal of waste. Both villas provide enough big garbage bins.

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