Wedding Bands Vs Wedding DJs

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The right music for your special day’s “soundtrack” is adding the final touch to complete the perfect day as you imagined it to be. Either choosing a wedding band or a wedding DJ, both can inspire you with their unique way to dance under the moonlight and celebrate with friends and family until early morning.

Listening to a live wedding band play, can give a sense of sophistication or a live concert happening in front of your eyes.Music groups can deliver a different vibe to your wedding and keep everyone entertained, since the bandleader knows how to interact with the guests and change music accordingly.

The new generation of DJs can offer eclectic mixes of musical styles through the ages. The songs played will give you the sense that you are listening to the radio and why not sing-along while dancing. A DJ with a charismatic stage presence and excellent emcee skills can really set the mood and keep the party going.Before starting your search for what is the best for you to hire, have in mind the following.

Wedding Vibe

The right music of your choice can set the tone of the wedding and leave your guests with a celebration to remember. Wedding bands can provide the live feeling of hearing music straight through the music instruments and the DJ can mix up different tunes to keep the groove going from 1950’s until the new era of music.

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Choosing either a wedding band or a DJ it depends also from how much you are willing to spend. Usually wedding DJs are cheaper since it’s a one man show as he has only his console. Since wedding bands are usually two people and more, with live instruments and singers, are a bit more expensive. But if you want to have the live experience and you are willing to give a little more, then it is worth it.

Music Variety

There are so many music styles and preferences that presumably you will have different music taste from your significant other. You do not have to worry since both wedding bands and wedding DJs can provide you with the music of your choice and still have all the guests hit the dance floor. Playing old and new tunes, slow and fast songs,leave everyone’s music ear happy.

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DJs can easily set their equipment in every area of the wedding venue they want. If you have your heart set on at a band, check the wedding venue first to see if it can fit the number of musicians and their instruments that you have chosen.

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Stage Presence

People go to see a band and they go to dance to a DJ. Bands have stage presence that requires all the attention and mostly
it provides all the attention to the first dance of the couple. On the contrary, the DJ is the one who keep the focus on the couple and their celebration around the dance floor with his non-stop music.

Before You Decide

Go talk to the DJ or the band that you have in mind and ask to see a video of their work, so you will know that they can deliver what you have asked them to do. A playlist is also a good idea to ask for, so you will know what type of music they can play. Have in mind that all professionals are open to what you like and dislike. If you have a personal request list then tell them, especially if you have songs that you do not wish to here at your wedding reception. The choice is yours. So what it will be? A Wedding Band; with live music, or a Wedding DJ; that can keep the grove going all night long?