Wedding postponed? 10 + 1 wedding tasks to do

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Wedding Couple Holding Hands

Let’s be honest, these are testing times for the entire world. Everything is ‘on hold’ for sometime. However, just like every cloud has a silver lining, this isolation has its benefits and excitement, especially for the brides-to-be who wanted some ‘me time’ to plan their dream wedding.

The beauty of time is that it never remains the same. In fact, every moment spent with loved ones is the best time to cheer and cherish. Therefore, while you are at home, managing a lot of stress along with work, house, and family, you have the best moments to plan your wedding. And no lockdown can restrict your imaginations.

This is your perfect time to create your ‘wedding to do’ list and envision your dream wedding. Of course, the team of Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas is here to help you with ideas and inspirations.

So whether you are in the initial phase of planning your wedding or your wedding is postponed due to the pandemic, let’s take a look at some fun and exciting ideas you can do while in isolation

1. Fix the Date (Month)

Whether you are in the early or middle stage of wedding planning or your wedding is on hold due to the pandemic, the first thing you need to focus on is a date. This is important for everything from selecting a venue to planning the decoration, making a guest list, etc. If you want an outdoor destination wedding, then summers in Cyprus are the best. The island country has mesmerizing locations and historic hotspots to enjoy an intimate wedding with a romantic honeymoon. When you choose Panorama and Oceania Villas in Paphos, you can enjoy a natural panoramic view of a Mediterranean horizon. For a more festive feel, the Christmas holidays at the villas are a great choice to tie the knot.

Wedding Couple In Love - Postpone Weddings for 2021
Wedding Couple at Panorama Villa - Postpone Weddings 2021

2. Choose a Venue

If you haven’t selected a venue or if you want to reschedule the wedding venue for more open space now, the private villas Panorama and Oceania located at the hills of Peyia in Paphos, are wonderful and safe to think about. Large rooms, ample open space with jaw-dropping panoramic views, infinity swimming pools, and total privacy, these villas on the hill in Paphos are loved by guests to organize destination weddings or holiday retreats. In case you want to entertain guests while needing some personal space, book their sister villa The Edge that is just apt for a romantic honeymoon.

You can contact us for a virtual tour of Panorama and Oceania villas to experience the beauty of the villas and to discuss the planning part with our experienced and expert wedding planners. All this can be done while staying inside the house.

Oceania Villa Weddings 2022

3. Write Your Wedding Vows

If you are not sure what reading to include during the ceremony, now is a great time to research these details, get some inspiration, and come up with a script? As you get closer to the day, the pressure and stress will interrupt your imagination and make it harder to write loving things. So take complete benefit of this leisure time and write your heart out. For inspiration, read scriptures, poetry, quotes, and even talk with your friends. See the photo from one of the weddings at the villas to get a feel of how it would look when exchanging the vows. Won’t that be a spectacular moment when you would be standing at the wooden deck with a romantic landscape, immaculate surrounding and your loved ones by your side? That will be a very emotional moment, therefore it is better to write down the vows instead of relying on the instinct.

Wedding Vows

4. Select Your Wedding Songs

Music is a must for the wedding and this time of isolation is best to create your wedding playlist. So while you use music as a stress buster during the tough moments, take advantage to sort the songs for your wedding ceremony, first dance, and the after-party. When you have your Spotify list handy, the DJ at Panorama and Oceania can create a stunning musical night for you and your guests. Imagine a mesmerizing light and sound show as you step on the dance floor with your spouse. Dim light, twinkling floor and lots of crackers with your selected music in the background can be a reality at Panorama and Oceania Villas.

So if you both are staying together in this downtime, why not groove on the rhythm of your selected songs to make your first dance the most unforgettable moment for all.

Oceania Villa First Dance
The first dance at the wedding villa

5. Choose Your Wedding Theme, Style and Colors

This is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning. From the comfort of your home, take down the rabbit-hole of Pinterest inspiration and Instagram to come out with your favourite themes and styles.

You may also look through the Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page of Panorama Wedding Cyprus villas to check themes and colour combinations from the previous weddings. This will help you imagine how you would want to decorate Panorama’s wooden deck by the poolside or Oceania’s wooden terrace that overlooks the spectacular view of Coral Bay.




Panorama Villa Wedding Theme
Oceania Villa Indoor Wedding Reception

6. Wedding Flowers

Now that you are in lockdown, you have enough time to work on the flower arrangements. The internet is full of bouquet styles and centrepiece decoration themes. If you are choosing an outdoor destination wedding at one of our villas, you don’t need plenty of flowers for the area that offers the resplendent natural backdrop. However, you still need to work upon the bouquet, buttonholes, centrepieces, and the entrance.

Wedding Bouquet Orders

7. Find Your Wedding Dress and Suit

You need a day out at the bridal boutique to try and see the effect of your dress but before that deciding on the design, fabric, pattern, color, etc. need a significant amount of your time. Why not utilizing this time to create your wedding dress’ Pinterest board? So start looking for shapes and styles to fit your wedding dress vision, collect phone numbers, talk to the boutiques, and list a few you would want to visit when the lockdown is over.

One more important thing to check while staying at home is the photoshoot of your wedding gown. You may look through the internet for inspiration or figure out your favourite options from the many magical spots at Oceania and Panorama villas while taking a virtual tour. You can also check the videos from real weddings at the villas as examples.

Wedding Dress Hanging Ideas

8. Wedding Catering and Cake

Catering and cake are also very important parts of the planning. To plan a perfect wedding, you need to start thinking about these as well. You have to decide everything from cake flavor to meal size and table decoration. Will you be going for a set three-course meal? A cocktail gathering? Or a grazing table aesthetic around your theme? How many tiers will your cake have? And of course, what flavour will it be?

You can check Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villa for menu ideas, wedding cake, and catering details. You can also discuss with our caterers for a tailored menu that meets the taste and nutrition preferences.

Wedding Catering at Panorama Villa

9. Your Guest List and Seating Arrangement

This is a very challenging task that can easily keep you occupied during the isolation period. To work upon the list, you can split it in A and B. The list A will include non-negotiable people. As you decide a rough number of guests and plan a budget, you can fill in extra spaces from list B.

As you choose Panorama and Oceania villas, you can easily accommodate up to 80 and 60 guests respectively. Discuss with our wedding planners who will assist you on seating arrangements when your guest list is ready.

The large areas of the villas offer plenty of space for wedding decorations. Our wedding planners will also assist you with decorations and set up arrangements options as well as offer you a virtual tour of how the selected alternates would look like. Being the experts at organizing weddings at our villas, these dedicated planners can create magic for you. They will set you free to share your ideas and will create a perfect setup just as you have expected it to be.

Wedding Seating Plan
Wedding Seating Plan and arrangment

10. Ask Special Guests to do Reading or Speeches

Do you want a special person to read at the ceremony, a toast at the reception, or sing a song? This downtime is a good opportunity to invite your special guests to join virtually for the wedding planning. You can arrange a Skype or Zoom meeting to honor them and to let them share their excitement for your wedding. Another good idea is to invite them officially by sending a bottle of the bubble to them a day before the virtual meeting to raise a toast to your wedding planning activities during the lockdown.

Wedding speeches and toasts

11. Create or Update Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a trend that will stay for longer. They are great to share information with your guests and to send reminders as well. Use some of your spare time in creating an engaging website. You can upload photos, create sections for guests to share suggestions for the wedding, including some extra pages to showcase your love story or add videos and slideshows of some loving moments.


Remember that this lockdown is not forever. So before everything gets on track, best utilize this time by doing things you always wanted to do. People are optimistic and have been working on their plans with more energy and enthusiasm. A lot of soon-to-get-married couples from Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas have already moved their wedding to 2021 and 2022.

They haven’t cancelled but re-planned everything and this downtime have given them the much needed extra time to focus on every aspect.

Just stay in your house and enjoy the excess to the world from home. Isn’t it great that you both are getting so much time together to think, discuss, and work out every detail? And while you work on the details from your home, we at Villa Panorama and Oceania ensure total assistance from here in Paphos. We are keeping the spirits high, and adding much-needed guidelines for future weddings. So lie down and get started.

The best wedding couple  at Oceania Villa in Cyprus